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Black Stockings Thigh Length "Just For You"

  • $16.50
  • Product Code: FL00645
  • Availability: In Stock

Tags: Black Stockings, Lace Stockings, Printed Stockings

    Take a stunning pair of thigh high sheer black stockings with elastic lace hold ups and add a sexy print to it. That's what we've done here, add a little flair and style to a premium quality pair of sheer black thigh length pantyhose. With the words, "Just For You" written in italic script along the foot, just high enough so that it shows above the lip of most heels, shoes and/or pumps, Then we added and intricate pattern on the thigh just below the hold-up part of the stocking, that includes a line with an attached bow some stars, swirls and dots. It's a simple but effective way to take a pair of high quality hosiery to the next level and give the person wearing them a sense of exclusive and classy style. We have limited stock with these so grab add a pair to your shopping cart today and when you complete your purchase we'll ship all your stockings and pantyhose to you, for free.

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