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White Sheer Stockings Silicone Tops Thigh Length

  • $17.50
  • Product Code: FL00633
  • Availability: In Stock

Tags: White Stockings, Silicone Stockings

    Guaranteed to stay up, all day, all night, even all week if that's how long you want to wear them, these sheer white thigh length stockings will make your legs look amazing. Made from premium quality materials through out, they are soft and silky to the touch just as all hosiery should be. Delicate layered stretch lace tops that on their own will hold these stockings up is reinforced with three separate rings of silicone to ensure you won't have to worry about them slipping down or bunching up. There's nothing worse than loose pantyhose, and it always seem to happen at the worst possible time, so that pulling, adjusting and tugging on your stockings needs to be done just as that spotlight hits you and everyone is looking to maximise embarrassment. All that can be avoided with these sheer white stockings because of the added silicone at the thigh.  

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