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White Fishnet Stockings Full Length Large Weave

  • $16.50
  • Product Code: FL00368
  • Availability: In Stock

Tags: White Fishnets, Full Length Fishnets

    Made from premium quality materials and backed with our satisfaction guarantee, these white fishnet stockings really are exquisite. Full length, they have an elastic waist that's great for keeping these up no matter how much dancing you do and a great stretch means they are so comfortable you might even forget you're wearing them. A little left of the normal everyday hosiery you might wear most days, these will still look amazing with almost any ensemble, and are great for those times you just want to make a statement, get noticed, or draw a little attention to yourself, and when those times arrive, these beautiful full length white fishnet stockings will certainly do the trick. It would be impossible to wear these beautiful white fishnet pantyhose and not get noticed. 

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