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Purple Fishnet Stockings Thigh Length Ruffled Elastic Lace Tops

  • $14.50
  • Product Code: FL00523
  • Availability: In Stock

Tags: Purple Fishnets, Thigh Length Purple Fishnets

    We doubt there is a better feeling than walking tall with your legs dressed up in a pair of luxurious hosiery, and these exquisite thigh length purple fishnet stockings fit into that category with ease. Exceptional quality materials make for a great stretch so comfort levels are high and the elastic hold up tops are perfectly designed to the purpose of holding up your hosiery all day and all night, without cutting of the circulation. They have a reinforced toe for added durability and they're finished with a gorgeous ruffled floral lace overlay at the top. Now let's talk about the colour, these are "purple" fishnet stockings, which at first may seem a little exclusive, but you we think will be surprised at just how interchangeable these can be, and once you start to mix and match with various outfits we know these purple fishnet stockings are going to jump right to the top of your list of favourites.

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