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Coffee Brown Sheer Stockings Silicone Tops Thigh Length

  • $17.50
  • Product Code: FL00636
  • Availability: In Stock

Tags: Sheer Brown Stockings, Silicone Stockings

    Everybody loves coffee right, well these delightful thigh high brown coffee stockings are just as loveable as any hot beverage. Not only are they an effortless way of giving your pins a little colour they will also leave your legs feeling sleek and luxurious. They are made from premium quality material to prevent runs and ladders and come with an all day stay up guarantee. Finished with not just one layer of silicone like some inferior pairs, these stockings have a triple layer of silicone and an elastic lace hold up top to ensure they will stay up, no matter how much jumping on your trampoline you do. Perfect for every occasion whether it be work, play or something more intimate, it's been proven to be essential that all women should have some variation in their hosiery drawer to help lighten your day and your mood, and these brown thigh length pantyhose do exactly that.

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