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Black Fishnet Stockings Thigh Length White Lace Tie Up Tops

  • $17.50
  • Product Code: FL00175
  • Availability: In Stock

Tags: Black Fishnets, Thigh Length Fishnets

    Everybody loves a surprise, well nice surprises at least, and that's what you get with these stunning thigh length black fishnet stockings. Where most ordinary black fishnet stockings have either an elastic or a silicone top, these as you can see from the images have a beautiful floral white lace tie up top. This surprising contrast really gives these black fishnets a classy elegance to them that will make you feel unique. Premium quality in all areas as always, but it's the addition of the tie up that we really love, this completely removes the anxiety some can get from normal hosiery and pantyhose that at any moment one of them is going to slide down to your knee and embarrass you in that meeting or at that important event. Simply tie it as tight or as loose as you need and relax in the knowledge that you black fishnet stockings are going to stay exactly where they are supposed to. 

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