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Black Fishnet Ankle Stockings Red Top

  • $12.50
  • Product Code: FL00639
  • Availability: In Stock

Tags: Black Fishnet Stockings, Ankle Length Fishnets

   If you want a great way of adding a different look to some of your favourite shoes, these ankle length black fishnet stockings are ideal. The small weave net is made from high quality nylon and has a fair stretch, so they are a comfortable wear. As far as ankle fishnets go, because of the contrasting red and black these look great with a lot more combinations of shoes. Black shoes with a red skirt or dress, or red shoes with black pants for example. Of course the other big benefit of wearing ankle high fishnet stockings like these is they help to prevent the dreaded foot odour, the material is great at absorbing sweat and stopping it from getting into your shoes, but is also able to allow air to get through so your feet can breathe.   

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