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Black Sheer Stockings Thigh Length Lace Tops

  • $14.50
  • Product Code: FL00205
  • Availability: In Stock

Tags: Sheer Black Stockings, Sexy Hosiery, Lace Stockings

    This gorgeous pair of sheer black thigh high stockings tick all the boxes, great quality, they're made from premium materials to ensure they don't run or ladder. Amazing value, other hosiery retailers and big name department stores have these exact same stockings for up to 40% more and they want to charge you for shipping. Stay up lace elastic hold ups, that have a great stretch are nice and secure but won't cut of your circulation. Nice colour, with great quality hosiery you get consistent colour that doesn't fade and looks great time after time. Silky smooth, there's nothing better than that soft sleek feeling you get from a pair of premium pantyhose. Look great, be ready for compliments because that's what you are probably going to get when you leave the house with a pair of these on. And feel fantastic, of course when you get amazing value stockings that stay up all day with nice colour with a silky smooth finish.... you feel fantastic.

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